“David, you’re doing such wonderful, wonderful work to have all the things that you do.  Your music is socializing Witchcraft.  That’s what we need.  We don’t have Mozart, we have you.  It helps people understand who we are and we need more artists and more people who can come forward and write poetry, and make music, and drama, and sculpt, and paint pictures.  We need our art like everyone else. Because, art is the only thing left of any civilization and we need to have it out there now so people see who we are.  You’re doing that, plus, you’re doing so much for us and I really appreciate it, David.”

“David wood is unique in the world of Pagan music. In a brand typically dominated by folk singer/songwriters, death metal bands, and Celtic rock gurus, David breaks the mold by being one of the few dance and pop artists in the category. He seamlessly blends his spirituality with soul, enchanting melodies, sick beats and just the right amount of at-ti-tude.

                His songs are a unique blend of techno, disco, and dance pop with a modern timeless feel. These songs feel as fresh today as they were when they were first recorded. In the days when I would go to clubs to dance and meet ladies, I would not be surprised to hear one of his songs blaring over the sound system. I would have danced to it.

                I still do.”

“Your music rocks the very Gods themselves!”

“David Wood’s music is a happy meld of pop, rock, and disco with a soulful and sometimes playful message. Each of the lyrics has so many levels of meaning as well as the musical composition. This multi-talented artist is not only what I would consider unique to Pagan Music, but a great talent both to Radio shows he hosts, Concerts he performs or the circles he leads.  David is a genuine person, loving, caring, and very dedicated to the larger pagan community as his music and actions show. “

"David Wood brings a unique aspect to the neo pagan music scene, with a techno pop flavor he is unapologetic with his 'King Bitch' approach...definitely not your parents pagan music!"

“When you first listen to David Wood's music, you can quickly pick out the George Michael style. If you go back and listen to his original works, through to the present; you find that much like the work of David Bowie, David Wood is able to tell a continuous story filled with his mystical beliefs, life experiences and an absolute reflection of his musical passion. When I interviewed David Wood in 2016, I found a man whose personality was down to earth, cheerful and full of pizzazz. He discussed much of his musical evolution, life struggles and his outlook on life in general. I was amazed how much these things were captivated in his lyrics, something I find many artists I've listened to struggle with; yet with David, it seems to come second nature. When his song King Bitch hit the top of the IPR Top 20 Hottest Hits in March 2016, I was not at all surprised. His entire persona can easily make you a slave to his rhythm.”

“David Wood is one of those rare individuals who not only was blessed by musical talent, but by good people sense. One can hear evidence of this by listening to his radio show.  He is down to earth, treats his guests with respect, and is not afraid to ask the hard questions.  Rock on David...both in your music and your show.”

“Pagan Spirit and Pop got together when we weren’t looking and they called him David Wood! 

“David’s incredible music never fails to touch my heart!  I think somehow David channels when he is singing, because I feel I’ve been serenaded by so many greats from the past!  I’ll hear George Michael and David Bowie…  then shades of Simple Minds and Love and Rockets and…. and… he brings it all back, but then he brings it forward!  His videos are perfect vehicles for the stories he is telling, too.  I love it when those brilliant smiles break through and oh, those eyes!  David crafts his music so well and then he delivers them to us from his soul!  The message may not always comfortable but that’s exactly what a true Muse-touched artist brings to those who listen… and I do! “

“David Wood’s music is smart, sassy, and straight-up attitude, and it makes me want to Dance! “King Bitch” should be on your playlist.

As the host of The Brew on, he gives great interviews. Whether he’s laughing with his guests or digging deep into the soul stuff, I love listening to The Brew.”

"David Wood is not only a terrific musician, but a wonderful, intelligent, and humorous person. I have had the pleasure of speaking with him on the radio a couple of times. He has an amazing presence. If you have not heard his music, or listened to any of his podcasts, you should!"

“David Wood is one of the best singers that I ever had a pleasure to hear and meet in person as well as to interview on my YouTube channel. I really love his music. He also puts true feeling in his singing and music.”

“David Wood what can I say? Awesome musician and DJ at The Brew in The Cauldron and Beyond The Spotlight at International Pagan Radio and really great interviewer. I know this because he interviewed my band BLACK SUN PROPHETS and it was very gratifying. His new production CORONATION is very outstanding especially the song King Bitch. I'm more into Metal music but DAVID WOOD'S music is very good to get into. Hoping one day to catch him on a live show or share stage. In short DAVID WOOD an all around awesome artist. Keep spinning and creating tunes brother.”

“You have to do whatever you can't not do. - Luisa Rey from “Cloud Atlas”

 “This quote is the perfect summation of David Wood. Talent is one thing, and this fella has that in spades, but the endurance, energy, pure staying power that has kept him going speaks for itself. For some, music is a love. It's something they want to do and even something they enjoy. Then, there are those rare individuals, the gems that you know are touched in the soul with a sound that has to come out. Those are the artists that commit their lives to sharing their gift, because they just can't hold it in. It must be expressed, and thank the gods and muses David Wood is one of them. I first came to know David as a proud Pagan musician, and those songs that express his deeply-held spiritual connections are the ones that really get me into that zone like "Hecate" and "Magickal Rite of the Wytch." But he doesn't stop there. We get to dance to the driving beats of songs like "Slave to the Rhythm" and "Dance Down the Moon". We feel the heartfelt soul of "I'm Alive (Again)" and "Put the Bottle Down". And there's no denying the sexy, sultry sounds of "The Great Rite in Motion" and "King Bitch". Music is truly the universal language, and David is its translator with soul, passion, devotion, and sass, providing the connection between the words and sounds and his audience that not only conveys what he's feeling, but brings that out in them as well.”

“David Wood puts his heart and soul into his writing and his music. His soulful tunes make you feel the words that he is singing. There are very few Pagan musical artists that possess the ability like David does to share the energy, love, strength and emotion in his music. David's live performances bring out even more of that emotion. With every song he sings he brings you on the journey with him. You can feel his energy shift and almost see his persona change. David Wood's latest hit, King Bitch, is a great example of his growth and strength. Through his music David has brought growth and unification to the Pagan community. It will not be long before David Wood and his music are on the lips and moving the feet and bodies in dance of Pagan communities everywhere.”

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